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Here at Ix'Chel Dream, we spend many months seeking out the highest quality and most eco-friendly leather available in Guatemala. Our providers reside in the city of Xela and are internationally recognized as green certified.

Combining innovation with environmental awareness, this leather factory not only sources the most high-quality hides, but also takes steps to ensure the outsourcing of all unused materials for items such as soaps and food, as well as a reduction in the runoff of waste into the local environment.

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Vegetable Tanned Leather, the most environmentally aware approach to using high-quality leather in fashion, uses only natural resources in the tanning process but subsequently increases the amount of time necessary to complete the full tanning process.

Due to this, only a handful of companies in the world, including Ix'Chel Dream, offer vegetable tanning when producing their leather. Please bear with us as we work together with our leather providers to create another environmentally-friendly option for you, the customer.