1. When I received my boots, the colors were slightly different than they appeared on the website. Why?

The reason for this is twofold. One, we are still not at a point in human existence where things can be rendered exactly as they appear in real life. Secondly, as part of the beauty of working with natural materials, the colors can finish differently from plant to plant and season to season. For example, if one year sees more rain than the previous, the color of the plant, and therefore the dye made from it, will appear more radiant. This is something that happens in all walks in life, and is one of numerous reasons your Ix'Chel Dream boots are so uniquely beautiful. 


2. on the striped patterns, the stripes are all shown horizontally on the boots. Is that intentional? Is it possible to have vertical stripes?

Most of our textiles feature some arrangement of stripes. For consistency, and because we like them that way, we have elected to build the boots using horizontal stripes. When you make your boot selection, a pop-out screen will ask if you would like horizontal or vertical stripes. It's as simple as choosing one or the other! If you would like, Contact Us here to request a picture of the boots of your choice with vertical stripes.


3. How many women weave the textiles that are featured in the Ix'Chel Dream boots?

We are working with the Cooperativo Tinte Maya in San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala. There are currently 25 women working within this coop, but Ix'Chel Dream employs one woman per textile pattern (this is why your pattern has a female name!). At this time, we work with nine women from Tinte Maya. We are constantly looking to grow and expand, including offering more patterns for our customers to choose from. Over time, we look forward to working with even more fabulous women from this amazing organization.


4. How many bootmakers are there?

Our main bootman, Hector, currently employs eleven cobblers. Hector is a master of his craft who not only takes part in the Ix'Chel Dream boot-building process, but also diligently trains and develops everyone on his team. 


5. How long does it take to make one pair of boots?

Each pair of boots begins with the textiles. These can take up to two weeks to complete, as the process begins with the women heading out into the fields to pick the materials used for the natural dyes. There are many more steps in the process that you can read more about here. Once the textiles are completed, they are sent from Lake Atitlan to Antigua, Guatemala and proceed onwards to Pastores, where they join with the high-quality leather that has arrived from the city of Xela. Once the boot building process begins, a new pair can be constructed in a day and a half. 


6. Why does it take so long for my boots to arrive in the mail?

Handcrafting boots is a long process, and beyond that, shipping Internationally from Guatemala poses it's own challenges. We have been working hard to create a streamlined and quick service and are excited to announce that each pair of boots now takes less than one month from date of purchase to arrival at your door (down from a six week period from when we first launched!). Please be patient as we continue to work towards an even quicker system for you!


7. is that photoshop work i spot?

Good eye! Yes, a lot of the boots found on our site are photoshop renderings of the real things. We are working to increase our inventory (as well as to improve our photoshop skills!). Over time, you will find better quality photos and more accurate depictions of your future favorite pair of boots. In the meantime, feel free to send us a message and ask for more photos (contact here). We spend a lot of time in the boot shop and are happy to provide any photos or info you would like.